Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Thousands in Grant Money to Expand Robotics Education in South Carolina

    Boxes of robot kits and supplies have been delivered to nearly two dozen high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in Greenville County, South Carolina, thanks to a $68,000 grant secured by Christine Plumier, the Project Lead The Way teacher at Sevier Middle School. The grant money was provided by the organization Palmetto Partners.

    Plumier’s goal is to provide more opportunities for students of all backgrounds to learn robotics. She believes that diversity is crucial in the field of engineering, and exposure to robotics at a young age can help foster interest and passion for the subject. By providing these resources, Plumier hopes to inspire more students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

    The robotics students not only learn the technical aspects of building and programming robots but also develop important skills such as teamwork. They also have the opportunity to travel and compete in robotics competitions, which further enhances their learning experience. Plumier emphasized the importance of mentorship from local businesses in supporting the students’ growth and development.

    The schools that received the robot kits and supplies include Carolina High, Riverside High, Blue Ridge High, South Side High, Berea High School, Tanglewood Middle, Bryson Middle, Hughes Middle, Greenville Academy, Greer Middle, Hillcrest Middle, League Academy, Sterling School, Charles Townes Gifted Center, Woodmont Middle, Taylors Elementary, Greenbrier Elementary, Heritage Elementary School, Bells Crossing Elementary, and Paris Elementary School.

    By providing these resources and opportunities, the grant money will significantly expand access to robotics education in Greenville County. Students from diverse backgrounds will now have the chance to explore and learn about robotics, fostering their interest in STEM subjects and potentially opening doors to exciting and rewarding careers.

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