Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    An RC Bulldozer Transformed into a Lawnmower

    A creative solution for those bored with regular lawnmowers has been developed by [rctestflight]. By modifying a hefty miniature RC bulldozer, they have transformed it into a plant-munching lawnmower capable of tackling not only lawn, but also thick brush and overgrown weeds.

    This 60-pound bulldozer features functioning hydraulics, allowing for precise control of its blade and plow. While it may struggle with traction in muddy conditions and lacks digging capabilities, its intimidating appearance makes up for any shortcomings.

    The bulldozer was further outfitted with a mowing rig, consisting of two sawblades powered by twin brushless motors. This powerful combination gives it the ability to effortlessly mow through even tough obstacles like blackberry bushes and two-foot high weeds.

    Although steering may not be its strong suit, the bulldozer excels at destroying thick brush with ease. Overall, this creative modification offers a fun and efficient way to tackle an overgrown yard.


    • [rctestflight]


    • RC: Abbreviation for remote control.
    • Brushless Motors: Electric motors that use magnets to generate motion and power.
    • Hydraulics: A technology that uses fluid pressure to create movement and force.

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