Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Twig Raises £3m to Develop Sustainable Ingredients Using AI and Robotics

    Twig, a London-based bioengineering startup, has secured £3m in funding as it emerges from stealth mode. The company aims to identify sustainable alternatives to harmful ingredients by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Traditional methods of finding replacements can be time-consuming and costly, often yielding no results.

    Twig has spent the past five months using its computerized solution to test thousands of strains of bio-fermented bacteria cells. The startup’s biotech process comprises three core components. First, a bio tool constructs the building blocks of ingredients. Next, robots handle and examine the bacteria. Lastly, AI technology combines the information gathered from the bio tool and robots. The AI system can also suggest refinements to achieve higher-quality outcomes.

    Dr Russ Tucker, CEO and co-founder of Twig, highlights the negative impact of certain ingredients on the environment: “Many of the biggest little ingredients that go into the products we use in our daily lives are hugely damaging for the planet.” Twig aims to contribute to a global transition from unsustainably sourced ingredients to bio-fermented alternatives using a combination of AI and automation.

    Twig’s £3m funding was provided by Project A, Seedcamp, Zero Carbon Capital, UKI2S, Gaingels, and HackCapital’s angel investors. The company, headquartered in King’s Cross, currently employs a team of 10. Oliver Sexton, an investor at UKI2S, expresses optimism about Twig’s approach, stating that the company is using biology to create a wide range of products with sustainable alternatives to petrochemicals.

    Twig’s innovative use of AI and robotics in bioengineering has the potential to revolutionize the industry. By finding sustainable replacements for harmful ingredients, the company is taking a step towards a healthier future for the planet and its inhabitants.

    – Bioengineering: The use of scientific and engineering principles to develop and optimize biological systems for various applications.
    – Stealth mode: A period during which a company operates in secrecy to develop and refine its product or technology before making an official announcement or launching publicly.

    – Twig Raises £3m to Develop Sustainable Ingredients Using AI and Robotics.