Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    The TB2 Bayraktar Drone Strikes Back: Devastating Russian Targets

    The Turkish-built TB2 Bayraktar drone, which was initially believed to have been rendered ineffective against Russia’s defenses, has returned to the skies, hitting Russian targets with devastating effect. Equipped with advanced optics and capable of carrying various smart munitions, the TB2 has proven its effectiveness once again.

    In a video shared by Ukraine’s Navy on September 3, a Bayraktar TB2 drone is seen destroying a Russian KS-701 patrol boat in the Black Sea. The caption accompanying the video states that the Ukrainian Navy’s aviation successfully destroyed the enemy boat during an attempted landing, resulting in casualties for the enemy force. Another viral video showcased the destruction of a Russian military truck in the Kherson region, further revealing the TB2 in action.

    The resurgence of the TB2 drone operations is attributed to Ukraine’s efforts in degrading Russia’s air defense systems over the past few months. Through the utilization of HIMARS missiles, targeted drone attacks, and other tactics, Ukraine has managed to hit Putin’s forces deep behind the frontline. The recent attacks by the TB2 drone indicate the vulnerability of Russian air defenses in the southern region.

    The revival of TB2 sorties comes shortly after the destruction of an advanced S-400 Triumf missile defense system in Crimea. The S-400 is highly regarded by Moscow and is considered the Russian equivalent of the American Patriot system. Its destruction further highlights the weakening of Russia’s air defense capabilities.

    Although the TB2 drones initially gained fame and recognition as the savior of Ukraine’s navy following the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, they faced significant setbacks by May 2023. Many of the remaining drones were predominantly used for reconnaissance due to the advancements in Russian air and electronic defenses. The slow and low-flying TB2 drones became vulnerable to sophisticated air defense systems implemented by Russia, as witnessed in conflicts like Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

    The Bayraktar TB2 drone, with a length of 21 feet and operational altitudes of up to 25,000 feet, can fly for extended periods, reaching a maximum duration of 27 hours. It is armed with laser-guided smart munitions and currently operates in Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan.

    – Business Insider