Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Students from Umatilla Robotics Team Experience Advocacy at AASA Legislative Conference

    Two students from Umatilla’s FIRST Robotics team had the opportunity to attend the AASA Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. this summer. Supported by Superintendent Heidi Sipe, who serves on the AASA Executive Committee, the students joined a group of advocates for education funding and policy reform. This unique experience allowed the students to engage in important discussions and contribute their voices to state and national conversations.

    What is the AASA Legislative Conference?

    The AASA Legislative Conference is an annual event that brings together education leaders, policymakers, and advocates to discuss key issues in education and advocate for effective policies. It provides an opportunity for participants to meet with federal officials and share their perspectives on topics such as funding, legislation, and educational equity.

    What is the significance of student involvement?

    Involving students in advocacy efforts is crucial for creating a more inclusive and representative education system. By giving students a platform to voice their concerns and ideas, decision-makers gain valuable insights and can make more informed policy decisions. Additionally, student involvement helps foster a sense of empowerment and civic engagement among young people, preparing them to become active participants in shaping their communities.

    Who funded the student portion of the trip?

    This year, the student portion of the trip to Washington, D.C. was generously funded by AWS (Amazon Web Services). This support from the private sector demonstrates a commitment to empowering students and investing in their future.


    Attending the AASA Legislative Conference provided Umatilla’s FIRST Robotics students with a unique opportunity to contribute their voices to important education conversations. By involving students in advocacy efforts, we can create a more inclusive and representative education system that addresses the needs and concerns of all stakeholders.

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