Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    New Technology Acquisition Boosts Innovation in Underwater Robotics

    Blue Ring Imaging, a 3D visualization and unmanned vehicle control systems startup, has been acquired by underwater robotics company VideoRay. The Pennsylvania-based company will now operate under the VideoRay umbrella and utilize Blue Ring’s facilities as an applied research facility.

    The acquisition allows VideoRay to integrate Blue Ring’s technology into their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for aquatic defense, first-responder, and civil inspection applications. Blue Ring specializes in developing interfaces for underwater ROVs using mixed reality, a combination of virtual and physical environments. Their custom-built, 360-degree 3D cameras enhance situational awareness and object detection capabilities for ROVs.

    According to Casey Sapp, the founder and CEO of Blue Ring Imaging, the acquisition enables them to serve a wider audience and bring their technology to VideoRay’s customers and fleet by 2024. Sapp emphasizes the importance of mixed reality in the future of command-and-control interfaces for underwater robotics, particularly in light of the increasing role of robots in the Pacific.

    The acquisition was driven by a long-term production contract with the U.S. Navy, further cementing Blue Ring’s position in the national defense industry. The companies have a shared client base, including the Office of Naval Research and other prominent organizations in the field.

    VideoRay’s vast global presence, with 4,000 vehicles already delivered worldwide, combined with Blue Ring’s innovative technology, is expected to propel the advancement of underwater robotics and expand their capabilities.


    Q: What is Blue Ring Imaging?
    A: Blue Ring Imaging is a startup specializing in 3D visualization and unmanned vehicle control systems, particularly for underwater robotics.

    Q: What is VideoRay?
    A: VideoRay is an underwater robotics company that builds remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for various applications, including defense and civil inspection.

    Q: What is mixed reality?
    A: Mixed reality is a combination of virtual and physical environments, creating an interactive interface for operators of underwater ROVs.

    Q: How will the acquisition benefit VideoRay?
    A: The acquisition enables VideoRay to integrate Blue Ring’s technology into their ROVs, enhancing their capabilities and serving a wider audience.

    Q: What is the significance of the U.S. Navy contract?
    A: The U.S. Navy contract played a crucial role in driving the acquisition, as it provides a long-term production opportunity for Blue Ring’s technology.