Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    New UR20 Cobot Revolutionizes Manufacturing with Enhanced Capabilities

    Universal Robots, the global pioneer in collaborative robotics, has announced a significant boost in production timelines for its highly sought-after UR20 cobot owing to soaring demand. The UR20 has swiftly emerged as the go-to choice for manufacturers on the lookout for a high-capacity, long-reach cobot, compelling Universal Robots to double its production capacity to cater to customer requirements.

    The new UR20 cobot has set new standards in performance while staying true to Universal Robots’ signature traits of versatility, user-friendliness, and compact design. With an impressive reach of 1750 mm and a payload capacity of 20 kg, the next-generation cobot from Universal Robots handles a wider range of tasks, fits a variety of applications, and operates effortlessly in diverse environments.

    Q: What is a cobot?
    A: A cobot, short for ‘collaborative robot,’ is an advanced robotic system designed to work in collaboration with human operators.

    Universal Robots seeks to reassure potential customers that despite the accelerated production, there is still ample capacity to fulfill UR20 orders in Q4. In a bid to encourage manufacturers to leverage year-end tax incentives, Universal Robots encourages businesses to promptly place their cobot orders.

    “We understand the urgency for businesses to optimize their operations and take advantage of available tax incentives,” stated Bryan Bird, President of Americas at Universal Robots. “By accelerating UR20 production ahead of schedule, our aim is to ensure that our customers can harness the benefits of collaborative automation without any delays.”

    The success of the UR20 cobot is further highlighted by the positive experiences of industry-leading companies like Bob’s Red Mill and Ornua. Bob’s Red Mill, a renowned whole grain manufacturer, had been searching for years for a collaborative robot that could fulfill the speed, payload, and reach requirements for palletizing tasks. The release of the UR20 cobot finally provided them with a solution that met their needs, leading to increased productivity and the freeing up of four operators.

    Ornua Ingredients, a division of the Irish Dairy co-operative Ornua, has also successfully integrated the UR20 cobot into its labor-intensive end-of-line palletizing operations. The cobot’s exceptional capacity and reach proved to be a perfect match for the delicate products handled, resulting in significant gains in consistency and productivity.

    Manufacturers interested in incorporating the UR20 cobot into their operations are urged to contact Universal Robots to discuss their unique automation needs and explore the wide range of possibilities offered by this groundbreaking technology.

    About Universal Robots:
    Universal Robots, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Odense, Denmark, specializes in collaborative robots (cobots) for various industries and educational institutions. With a mission to make automation accessible to everyone, Universal Robots has developed a comprehensive range of cobots with different reaches and payloads. The company has sold over 75,000 cobots worldwide, fostering innovation and providing customers with a diverse selection of components, kits, and solutions tailored to their specific requirements. For more information, please visit