Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Unlock the World of Coding and Robotics: DSA Open House in Singapore

    Parenting can be a daunting journey, especially when it comes to making important decisions about your child’s education. If you’re a parent navigating the complex landscape of Direct School Admission (DSA) in Singapore, we have the perfect event for you. Mark your calendars for the DSA Coding and Robotics Open House on Saturday, December 2nd, at the Empire Code Novena Campus. This event is your gateway to clarity and offers a unique blend of informative sessions and hands-on experiences that will demystify the DSA process and ignite your child’s passion for coding and robotics.

    DSA Demystified: Info-Session for Parents (1 pm – 1.30 pm)

    The day kicks off with a FREE DSA Info-Session designed specifically for parents. Discover the groundbreaking DSA program, which allows Primary 6 students to apply to schools before the stressful Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). During the info-session, you’ll have the opportunity to get all your burning questions answered about the application process, school prerequisites, track differences, and gain insights into sample interview questions. You’ll also delve into the art of crafting a customized portfolio tailored to your preferred school choices, offering a glimpse into successful DSA applicants’ portfolios.

    Hands-On Innovation: Free Trial Classes for Students

    While parents delve into the intricacies of DSA, children aged 4 to 12 can immerse themselves in a world of innovation and creativity through FREE 30-minute trial classes. These trial classes cover a diverse range of modules, catering to various interests and age groups. From LEGO robotics to game development and coding, students will have the opportunity to explore and discover their interests.

    1. Building the Future: LEGO WeDo/Essentials (Ages 4 to 9)
    2. Creativity Unleashed: LEGO SPIKE Prime (Ages 9 to 12)
    3. Minecraft Magic: Minecraft: Education Edition (Ages 8 to 12)
    4. Beyond Gaming: Roblox Coding (Ages 9 to 12)
    5. Coding Wonders: Python Basics (Ages 11 to 12)

    These hands-on experiences will enable students to grasp engineering, science concepts, and coding fundamentals, fostering innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

    Exclusive Benefits for Parents

    Parents attending the Info-Session will enjoy exclusive benefits, including a waived $30 Registration Fee, $100 off Year-End Camps, and significant discounts on hourly and DSA packages. Additionally, existing students will benefit from a $30 discount when a friend purchases a package. This is an excellent opportunity to support your child’s passion for coding and robotics while also enjoying valuable benefits.

    Capture the Moment: Photography and Opt-Out Option

    At the Open House, you’ll have a unique opportunity to witness your child’s potential come alive as they immerse themselves in cutting-edge technology and unleash their creativity. Please be aware that photographs and videos may be taken during the workshops for educational, training, and marketing purposes. However, if you prefer not to participate, you can opt-out by emailing [email protected] before the workshop begins.

    Don’t Miss Out: Shape Your Child’s Future!

    We invite you to embark on a journey into the exciting realms of coding, robotics, and limitless possibilities. Don’t miss this chance to shape your child’s future! Sign up now for the DSA Coding and Robotics Open House on December 2nd at Empire Code Novena Campus. Together, let’s unlock the world of coding and robotics for the next generation.


    What is Direct School Admission (DSA)?

    Direct School Admission (DSA) is a program in Singapore that allows Primary 6 students to apply to schools before the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results are released. It gives students an opportunity to secure a place in a school based on their specific talents or achievements in areas such as sports, arts, or academic subjects.

    What are the benefits of attending the DSA Coding and Robotics Open House?

    Attending the DSA Coding and Robotics Open House provides parents with valuable insights into the DSA application process, interview questions, and crafting a customized portfolio for their child. Students, on the other hand, get to experience hands-on coding and robotics classes that foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation.

    What age groups are the trial classes catered to?

    The trial classes at the DSA Coding and Robotics Open House are catered to children aged 4 to 12. There are different modules available for various age groups, ensuring that each child can find an activity that matches their interests and skills.

    Are there any benefits for parents attending the Info-Session?

    Yes, parents attending the Info-Session at the DSA Coding and Robotics Open House enjoy exclusive benefits. These benefits include a waived Registration Fee, discounts on Year-End Camps and hourly and DSA packages. Existing students also benefit from a discount when their friend purchases a package.

    Can parents opt-out of having their child’s photographs taken?

    Yes, parents can opt-out of having their child’s photographs taken during the workshops at the Open House. They can do so by emailing [email protected] before the workshop begins.