Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    New Perspectives on the Role of Performance Guarantees in Automation

    Vecna Robotics, a leader in flexible material handling automation solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking performance guarantee aimed at reducing risk and simplifying the implementation of mobile robots in warehouse and manufacturing facilities across the country. Unlike traditional Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreements, Vecna Robotics’ guarantee is based on customer-defined success criteria such as throughput, workflow tasks completed, and uptime. This forward-thinking approach challenges the conventional norms of automation adoption.

    A recent market survey conducted by CITE Research and Vecna Robotics revealed that warehouses are facing significant labor gaps, with material handlers and forklift drivers being the most affected. These shortages, combined with the projected growth of the global warehouse automation market, highlight the pressing need for automation at scale. However, concerns about cost, return on investment, change management, and operational disruption have been barriers to widespread adoption. Vecna Robotics’ performance guarantee aims to address these concerns by allowing operators to evaluate systems firsthand in real-world scenarios.

    By offering a performance guarantee based on customer-defined parameters, Vecna Robotics empowers operators to expedite the approval, funding, and deployment of automation projects. This innovative approach ensures that pre-defined performance gains and return on investment expectations are met. Furthermore, the company’s Robots as a Service (RaaS) pricing model, which has been successfully implemented in over 90% of Vecna Robotics’ projects, allows for a streamlined and cost-effective acquisition, deployment, and servicing of automation systems.

    The integration of Vecna Robotics’ industry-leading PivotalTM Command Center further enhances the value proposition for customers. This comprehensive monitoring system operates 24/7/365 and remotely resolves issues when human assistance is required. The combination of RaaS, PivotalTM Command Center, and the new performance guarantee creates a low-risk, high-value opportunity for operators, particularly those new to automation, to embark on their automation journey with confidence.

    Vecna Robotics’ customer-centric approach and commitment to aligning performance goals with solutions distinguishes the company in the automation market. If customers are not fully satisfied with their deployment in terms of performance goals, they can easily update their contract or, if necessary, return the robots. This flexibility epitomizes the company’s dedication to ensuring customer success and value.

    To learn more about Vecna Robotics’ performance guarantee, visit their website at For additional information on Robots as a Service or the PivotalTM Command Center, please visit


    1. What is Vecna Robotics’ performance guarantee?

    Vecna Robotics’ performance guarantee is a groundbreaking initiative that offers customers a low-risk onramp to automation. It is based on customer-defined success criteria, such as throughput, workflow tasks completed, and uptime.

    2. How does Vecna Robotics’ performance guarantee differ from traditional agreements?

    Unlike traditional Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Vecna Robotics’ guarantee allows customers to define their own performance goals. This empowers operators to evaluate systems firsthand in real-world scenarios and ensures that predefined performance gains and return on investment expectations are met.

    3. How does Vecna Robotics simplify automation deployment?

    Vecna Robotics offers Robots as a Service (RaaS), a streamlined model for acquiring, deploying, and servicing material handling automation. With a low annual fee, customers can benefit from cost-effective automation systems.

    4. What is the PivotalTM Command Center?

    The PivotalTM Command Center is Vecna Robotics’ industry-leading monitoring system. It operates 24/7/365 and remotely resolves any issues that may arise, providing customers with uninterrupted automation support.