Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Warfighter Conference: Exploring the Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in the Military

    Bestselling author and founder of Useful Fiction LLC, Peter Warren Singer, addressed hundreds of soldiers at the recent Warfighter Conference held at Fort Moore’s Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE). The conference, dedicated to the future of the Army and warfighting, focused on the possibilities of robotics use and artificial intelligence (AI) in the military. Singer emphasized that we are at the beginning of a journey where machines are becoming intelligent and highlighted the need for soldiers to lead through this challenge.

    Singer, known for his books exploring the impact of changing technology on warfare, discussed the inevitability of technology implementation. He cited examples from the war between Russia and Ukraine, where drones and social media deepfakes played significant roles. Singer considered these advancements in robotics and AI as evidence of a new industrial revolution that will not only impact modern warfare but society as a whole.

    While Singer did not provide definitive answers, he posed important questions about the future of mechanization within the Army. He called for soldiers to consider the various roles that robots could play and how their integration might require a departure from the current structure and management within the Army. Singer encouraged experimentation and adaptability as soldiers seek solutions.

    In addition, Singer highlighted the importance of effectively communicating innovation and structural changes. He emphasized the use of both logic and emotion to ensure that information is easily understood and retained. Singer has previously used historical and personal anecdotes to create a narrative that showcases potential future scenarios for the military.

    In conclusion, Singer urged soldiers to embrace change and adapt as technology continues to advance. Stagnation in the face of progress, he warned, would lead to a loss of the future. It is crucial for both organizations and individuals to evolve in this time of rapid change to ensure their relevance and success moving forward.

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