Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Zhang Li Takes a Leap into the World of Legged Robots with LimX Dynamics

    Zhang Li, the former CEO of WeRide, shocked the tech industry with his unexpected resignation earlier this year. However, it quickly became clear that Zhang had his sights set on the “next big thing.” He recently joined Shenzhen-based robotics startup, LimX Dynamics, as co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, showcasing his commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

    LimX Dynamics, founded by a team of robotics scientists, is already making waves in the industry. The startup has secured 200 million yuan ($27.5 million) in angel and pre-Series A financing, demonstrating its potential for growth. With Zhang’s expertise in business strategy and operations, as well as his extensive experience in the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, he is well-positioned to help propel LimX Dynamics to new heights.

    The decision to enter the world of legged robots is a bold move for Zhang, who has spent the past five years in the AV industry. However, he sees many similarities between the two fields. Both autonomous vehicles and legged robots utilize advanced technologies like Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) to navigate their environments. Additionally, Zhang believes that the supply chain and sales channels for vehicles and robots could potentially overlap in the future.

    LimX Dynamics is currently focused on developing prototype robots for industrial inspection purposes. However, Zhang’s goal is to explore opportunities beyond the conventional applications of legged robots. He envisions a future where robots are commonplace in households, tackling various domestic tasks. Zhang’s passion for innovation and his belief in the potential of the robotics industry is evident in his vision for LimX Dynamics.

    While the AV industry is still grappling with the challenge of generating meaningful revenues, Zhang is determined to ensure that the robotics industry doesn’t face a similar fate. By leveraging his expertise and working alongside a team of talented scientists at LimX Dynamics, Zhang hopes to drive the industry forward and unlock its full potential.


    Q: What is LimX Dynamics?
    A: LimX Dynamics is a Shenzhen-based robotics startup specializing in the development of legged robots.

    Q: Who is Zhang Li and what is his role at LimX Dynamics?
    A: Zhang Li is the former CEO of WeRide and the current co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of LimX Dynamics. He is responsible for business strategy and operations, channel development, marketing and communications, and government relations.

    Q: What similarities does Zhang see between autonomous vehicles and legged robots?
    A: Zhang believes that both fields utilize similar technologies, such as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and that there could be overlap in the supply chain and sales channels.

    Q: What are LimX Dynamics’ current focus and future goals?
    A: LimX Dynamics is currently developing prototype robots for industrial inspection. However, their goal is to expand into other areas, such as automobile manufacturing, logistics, and household services.

    Q: How does Zhang hope to contribute to the robotics industry?
    A: Zhang aims to drive innovation and ensure the robotics industry doesn’t face the same challenges as the autonomous vehicle industry in generating meaningful revenues. He intends to leverage his expertise and work alongside the talented team at LimX Dynamics to unlock the industry’s full potential.