Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    Introducing Error Code Xero: A Robotics Team at Wilsonville High School

    Wilsonville High School in Oregon is home to an impressive group of students who are passionate about robotics. One member of the team, junior Lily Vu, serves as the integration lead for Error Code Xero, the school’s robotics team. Vu’s role involves using a video game controller that is wired into a laptop and console to operate the team’s robot, Sparky.

    In the upcoming Girls’ Generation competition, Vu will be responsible for driving Sparky and guiding it through various challenges. This event, which promotes female participation in robotics, is an exciting opportunity for Error Code Xero to showcase their skills and determination.

    The integration of video game controllers into robotics competitions is becoming increasingly common. By using familiar tools, like a controller, students can more easily operate and control their robots. This innovative approach allows them to leverage their existing skills and interests in gaming to excel in the field of robotics.

    Error Code Xero is a prime example of the incredible talent and dedication found within the robotics community at Wilsonville High School. Led by Lily Vu and other talented students, this team is well-prepared to make a mark at the Girls’ Generation competition.

    The integration of video game controllers has revolutionized the field of robotics, making it more accessible and engaging for students. This approach has seen great success at Wilsonville High School and serves as an inspiration for other schools and communities looking to get involved in robotics.

    – Wilsonville High School Robotics Team
    – Girls’ Generation Competition