Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Woodland Christian High School CyberCavs Robotics Team Takes First Place at Canadian National Exhibition

    The Woodland Christian High School CyberCavs robotics team achieved an impressive first-place finish at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) last month. Although an unofficial competition, the team collaborated with Rockway Mennonite Collegiate and St David Catholic Secondary School to secure the top spot. This marked the first time the CyberCavs had succeeded in an entire competition alongside St. David, after previously experiencing setbacks.

    Team programmer Jack Good expressed their excitement about this victory, highlighting the joy of winning and the grandeur of the event at the Canadian National Exhibition. The CNE competition was the team’s second event after their regular First Robotics season ended in April. They also participated in an invitational competition in Indiana during July. Good emphasized the importance of these events in maintaining practice with driving and coding, as well as staying engaged with robotics during the summer break.

    For the CNE competition, the team built a miniature robot in just two weeks in addition to their full-size robot from the previous season. However, their two machines were pitted against each other in the first elimination match, resulting in the quick demise of the miniature robot.

    Beyond their victory, the CNE provided an excellent platform to showcase what robotics is all about. Good mentioned that unlike other events where the majority of spectators are fellow robotics competitors, the CNE attracts a diverse range of attendees, including interested Grade 8 students and supporters intrigued by the world of robotics.

    With an estimated 1.56 million people attending the CNE this year, the competition featured teams from various regions in Ontario as well as six teams from Manchester, New Hampshire. Following a series of qualifying matches, the teams formed alliances for the playoff round. Before each match, the teams engaged in strategic planning to optimize their performance.

    Despite facing challenging circumstances before the playoffs, Zen Qu, a member of the team, expressed relief and happiness about their victory. However, there were mixed emotions from Zachary Scherer, who was both pleased with the overall win but saddened by the miniature robot’s early elimination. Despite this setback, the team was able to appreciate the opportunity to utilize the miniature robot during the competition.

    Looking ahead, the team is now focusing on the 2024 season, with the first competition scheduled for February of next year. Good believes that their experience of working with other teams, programming, and driving will significantly benefit them going forward.

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